August 3, 2009

Dropdown Months

Took some time -- a li'l too long, actually -- but I finally coded a dropdown menu onto this site. The monthly archive list was getting a bit too long, so I shortened it. I tried to code it myself, but that didn't work. There was a lovely li'l website giving snippets of code on MT,, and I took advantage. It's good!


March 20, 2008

Now Hear This

Finally got around to fixing the temporal archives template, the template that applies to the date archives on the left. Took a while, but I finally sat down and did some rewriting of the templates James so rudely stuck in 1.5 years ago.

Still undecided on a format for the titles. I've got one style on the category archives, and one on the temporal archives. Not sure which I like better, if any of them. May have to modify the style(sheet) of TK:O. (Input is welcome, if ye wish.)


March 22, 2007


I'm still alive and kickin' around the Republic. No worries. Sorry for not posting anything in the last two months.

I have been busy. Extremely busy. Work has pretty much dominated my life, and planning trips ain't easy, I tells ya. I'll get to posting them soon. (I hope!)

(My disappearance from cyberspace isn't unprecedented. Top Hats & Coat Tails was untouched for... jeez, some lengthy amount of time. And, after Aus and before Ireland, I didn't have much to say on anything.)


August 8, 2006

Now hear this

Regarding the latest changes to the site, ingeneral:

  1. The "About" page has been modified, because I was bored, logged into this site, and didn't want to play with the templates at that time but still wanted to do something;
  2. The category pages are fixed, and look fine. The temporal archives are still crude, but the entries are there;
  3. Still wrestling on whether or not to include a permalinked e-mail address. (Will that delightful Dave Gorman ever reco'nize me?)

That is all.

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August 14, 2005

Now hear this: Killing Spamments

From now on, all comments will be closed off after 14 days. This is to reduce the amount of spamments (my term for spam comments, but correct/inform me if there's another term) that I get hit with.

Some rats out there have a way to add comments to my site that are just comment versions of spam. They'll peddle obscenities and drugs, and advertise casinos. They do this often. Between the time I left Broome and ended up in Perth, I got hit with some 1,100 of these. This increased, and when I got home, it was up to a whopping 1,200. That took some time to go through, and the webmaster's installed a program to automatically close comments after 14 days.

That little fix of J's works like a charm, and my site is much, much lighter and spamless b/c of it.

So yeah. That's that. Just thought I'd let you all know.

As you were.


May 20, 2005

Now hear this

If you've read A Dark Knight over the Red Center already, reread it. There's a pic in there now. I had to upload it, in celebration of this past Thursday.


April 22, 2005

Future Website on Hold

Someone's registerd the domain name of the site I had in my mind for almost a year now. I wouldn't've used it for a while, but still, I want it. Damn them. Hope they let it slide when I want to have it. (I won't say what it is. I won't give them the publicity.)


April 10, 2005

Now hear this

I've been frantically updating this site, and am now into February! Woo! (<Krusty the Klown groan> How sad is that?) Hopefully, this tempo will remain. So, if you're wondering how I went from Brisbane to something about avocadoes, check "The Global Take-over: The Australia InvasIon" category for the entries inbetween.


April 9, 2005

One Year Later

I just realized that this past Tuesday was the one year anniversary of the launch of TK:O. Where does the time go?


March 25, 2005

A Quick Relinquish of TK:O

Many thanks to Audra for her guest entry. I never went anywhere, nor did she kill me or take me hostage. In fact, I saw her type it out. Thought it'd be fun to have a guest blogger :)

Sorry for the lack of entries. I know I'm 2.5 months behind in my entries. But, travelling and working have taken up my time, and online time was restricted to mailing and simple surfing of the usual sites. But I'm alive, and still post from time to time -- they're seen to the left of this. I'm catching up on the old entries, and right now, I'm in the middle of January. I'm catching up slowly. Bear with me.

Actually, what I think I'll do is post both recent and not-so-recent travels. Maybe I will, Milhouse. Maybe I will...

(Aud: you better mail me.)

NOTE: My posting, A Dark Knight over Port Arthur, came long after posting this, but was inserted before this entry in the interests of chronological consistency.


October 4, 2004

Now here this

Sorry for the delay, but all my babbles about the E.U. West Invasion and the final U.K. Invasion are up! It's probably best to read about the E.U. West Invasion using the category on the left. Remember: it's reverse chronological order. The first entry is at the bottom.

Thank you! Come again!

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July 22, 2004

Now Hear This

PHEW! That took a while. I've finally gotten caught up on my babbles.

Better yet, I've changed the timestamps of them. For example, my trip to Stonehenge was done in May, but posted in July. That's two bloody months lag time. It should've been posted in May as it happened, but external factors prevented this. Now it reads properly. Things that happened in May are posted in May, etc.

If you've been reading this site as of July 21, then all the travels you really need to catch up on is the last few days in June. The Manchester Fallout happened the second last wknd. in June, the 19 & 20. The next posting is now June 25th. You can see what came after in the June 2004 and July 2004 archives, or using the links to the categories archives, both to the left. In short, what you probably won't see in this front page is my time in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Oxford. On here as of this posting but not for long is Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations, and a celebrity encounter.

The deep thoughts and keen observations have stayed where they were/are.

(And now that I have time on my hands w/ respect to this site, I might post some pix. I'll figure that out later.)


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April 5, 2004

From Purple and Black to Blue and White

It's official: the top hat's been shelved and the coat tails have been put under plastic in the closet.

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