June 8, 2007

All <cough> Better

I've had a nagging cough since I got back from Scandanavia. I sorta let it go, but it escalated into something more. It just wouldn't go away, and there was some awful sounds and goo coming out of my mouth. (My fault for it getting this bad. I wasn't eating nor sleeping enough when I was combatting it.)

So, a couple of trips to the doctors, a week of antibiotics, and this thing is subsiding. At last! It took the better part of the week, but those antibiotics kicked in. That infection's all gone, or mostly gone anyway.

One good side to these appointments and needing rest is that I got to knock off work early. I tell ya, I could get used to this, so long as the weather holds. It was good to go home and enjoy the sunshine. Something tells me, however, work wouldn't allow me to get a laptop and do my work along the shores of Blackrock :(

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April 12, 2007

A (n Unnecessary) Twist on a Classic Game

If you've got some time, and good memory, play the Advanced Paper-Rock-Scissors game!


February 9, 2007

The Whipping Boy, Sadly

Sometimes I wonder if this job is worth it. Sure, it's nice to have steady employment with interesting work, and to work around some decent folks. However, to be blamed erroneously for "losing" large quantities of cash is trying. Blamed because someone can't add properly. Please, oh please, don't shoot the messenger.

(And the contract's extended until EOVisa! But forkin' hell, I need more money for this. This isn't worth it.)

(On the plus, the bank lets me claim overtime! Dancin' in the streets when that happens :D )


October 12, 2006

Livin' Ireland 2: Lookin' for Another Flat in Dublin

That was a long, very long, month. One calendar month. One calendar month of wear and tear, and half of that was ultra wear and tear. Lots of looking, lots of hunting, lots and lots of time.





But, after an exhausting search (where I devoted my time, even taking time away from work (sorry, Ulster :( )) (and where I had some incidents that can only be laughed at in a few months time), my search for a flat is done. DONE! (Cue the AC/DC tune, "Back in Black".) On Wednesday, I'm back in Blackrock! South county Dublin, where I used to live, and where I wanted to live again. It's like a massive weight lifted off my back.

(I wrote a much longer, too much longer version to this story. If enough of you want to sit through that read, let me know and I'll publish the for the full flat hunting story.)


September 7, 2006

Registration != Identity

Something all foreigners in the Republic of Ireland must do is register with the local policing officials, known here as the Garda. When you register with them, you give them a buncha info, and get a card in return. (This card was free, then, one week before I arrived, they started charging €100 for this! 'Stards)

On Tuesday, I went and registered, paid €100, and got my card.

This card has my name, nationality, registration number, etc. It also has my picture on the front, and a space to sign on the back. Also on the back is this, at the bottom:


Things like this make me laugh with rage and confusion.


August 31, 2006

Livin' Ireland 2 Prologue 2

As it stands, we've been told to leave by the 24 Sep. The day the notice came, a bill for €160 was presented, for six months worth of bin charges. (You have to pay to have your rubbish taken away.) The ll (two lower-case "L"s) said there was an additional 18 months of charges at his place. So, we were told to leave, and we had to pay him a thwack of cash. The deposit return wasn't looking very good.

I got a call today from Peter, a guy in the house that's the contact with the ll, that the landlord caved. We'll get our deposit back, but we have to clean the place.

The "double-el" caved b/c there's no contract with us and him. The original lease is b/w whomever leased the house from him and him. Subsequent residents didn't have to sign a lease, but to leave, and get the deposit back, they had to find someone to replace them. That practice is pretty common here.

So, realizing that if this was taken to court he would lose, he succumbed. That's a huge hurdle cleared. Now if we get our € back is another question, but as long as we threaten mention the lease, there ought not be a hassle! <phew>


August 24, 2006

Livin' Ireland 2 Prologue

We've been evicted.

The landlord has decided to sell the house. We have one month to move.

That's really all I know. I guess there's not much more to say. This could go well or poorly. I guess I'll find out in the next month.


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July 20, 2006

Livin' Ireland 1: Looking for a Flat in Dublin

I hate looking for long term accomodation. I hated it during university, I hated it after university, I hated it in London, and it hasn't changed, I hate it here. You deal with so much garbage when you're looking for something affordable, manageable, and not owned by you. You have to contend with other folks, and accept living with other people. And, obviously, concessions must be made: smaller rooms, and every thing is a shared facility. All these bad things lend themselves to some good stories, or so I keep telling myself. I gotta tell myself something, right?

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August 22, 2005

Two Big Problems with Australia

I had a blast in Aus. It was a good time, a fine nine months. But, with everything else, in the details are other components to this trip, things that held me back, basically. They can be summed up in six letters: I-E-P and G-O-V.

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April 19, 2005

I Hate Hostels

I've been living in these tuna cans for nigh on a year now. I've lived in them in U before, but this takes it to a whole new level. In U, there was just myself and one other. Here, there's myself and at least three others. My discontent with them was low at first. I'll go so far as to say "nonexistant." My tolerance for hostels and the vermin within has worn thin over the last year, and Saturday was the last straw.

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April 8, 2005

Episode III Better Be Good

There's too much hype surrounding it. Book stores have books out, and toy stores have EpIII toys. Comic stores have their own products.

It's driving me nuts. It's soooooooooo hard not to look at anything "Revenge of the Sith" related.


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April 6, 2005

Missing Out

There's far too many good things going on in the DC Universe lately. An Identity Crisis, the return of Hal Jordan, the Azzurello/Lee Superman storyline, the Batman storylines, the forthcoming All Star line, and now a Countdown to some Infinite Crisis, to name a few.

Not to mention missing WrestleMania XXI this past Sunday. Heard that it was a good one. I tried to watch it, but bars in Launceston weren't open at 10:00.

And my niece is turning two soon. Some birfday cake would be nice right about now.

Plus, Garbage coming and going, as I mentioned before.

I guess sacrafices must be made when one does something silly like tour the world.


March 28, 2005

Good, Bad, and Worse Garbage News

The Good: Garbage has a new album coming out, Bleed like Me, slated to come out on April 11th here in Aus. It's been since October 2001 since they had a full album, so I'm salivating at the thought of more music from them. (And any new pix of Shirley ;)

The Bad: They're touring very soon after the release of Bleed like Me. They come to Toronto on 25 April. Tix are still on sale. If anyone goes, please please please please get me a shirt, ideally a long sleeve.

The Worse: They're touring before the release of Bleed like Me in the U.K. They're coming to London twice, once in March and once in April. Both shows are sold out.

The Possibly Worse Still: No tour dates for the south Pacific have been announced. I really, really hope they come through either Aus. or N.Z. before June. That'd be good. But if they don't at all, or come here after May, that'd be bad.


July 30, 2004

The Dark Knight and the Genius, Almost

I've missed my chance, twice now, to meet, or at least come close to and possibly take a picture of, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

A friend in Cambridge texted me last night, saying she was standing near him at some restaurant on the River Cam. This makes the second brush with Dr. Hawking she's had.

Imagine that: me meeting a Simpsons guest star. Maybe I should've stayed in Cambridge :(

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July 23, 2004

The Spat with the Landlord

My landlord says I didn't pay rent last week. I have the receipt proving him wrong. He said the receipt's wrong.

I'll get a bank statement today to further back me up.

I'll be able to laugh at this day in about a month from now.

UPDATE: On Monday, 26 July, he conceded, citing he missed the line item on his bank statement. Glad that's over.


June 4, 2004

Well, That was Short

I was told that on Thursday, 03 June that my contract's being terminated on Friday, 04 June. Two things are wrong here:

  1. They gave me two days notice to terminate my employment;
  2. They terminated my contract after three weeks. It was for eight, but now it's three.

Gemma, my contact at the temp agency that got me this job, says this happens often in the world of contracting. I'll take her word for it. I've never been a contracter before. Still, I don't think she was impressed at the short term notice of termination. I gotta give two weeks notice, but they only need to give me two days? I hope this isn't a global thing and it's only limited to this area of the world. It's not fair, but I can't do much, really. Just go and look for another job, or hope that the agencies I got with can help out.

This has put a lot of sand in my engine of mobility (and, thus, the take-over). BUNAC has trips to Cornwall and Amsterdam in June, and I want to go to Brighton and Manchester to visit my peeps there before they leave, and I want to live and eat normally. That's all questionable now.

Add to the shitty buzz that my favourite gal in the BUNAC office is leaving. Well, she wasn't any more or less helpful than the rest, but she knew my name first. All the best, Amanda :)


April 13, 2004

Stupid Snow

OK, you know I'm a fan of winter, but even I think this is ridiculous. It's the 13th of April (ezactly three weeks to go (I'll explain later, if you don't know)) and it's SNOWING!!!

SNOW?!?! What the hell? It's not even enough to ski in.

Stupid spring >:(

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April 7, 2004


I'm so tired right now. This daylight savings time may have its ups, but I don't see it now, just a few days after we set our clocks ahead one hour. That means I have to wake up, biologically, one hour earlier than normal.

For someone who's not a morning person, this isn't good :(



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