June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman Overhaul

DC's The Source blog unveiled Wonder Woman's new outfit, and new origin. She's being overhauled, for new times, and with here renumbered 600th ish.

I like the costume. It's a bit more practical than her old threads. And from what I understand of her new origin, it sounds like it'll provide new material for her, and will give her a bit of a disadvantage in most situations, or so claim the new creative team, headed by JMS. (And, really, it's Wonder Woman. As much as she's heralded as one of DC's pillars, she's not. Really. And her origin isn't as well known as Bats or Kal-El's, so not much harmed here. Plus, they've left it open to undo this retcon if they need to.)

I'll make my judgement when I get this issue soon.

In fact, that sentiment already indicates good things for DC's leading lady. I haven't bought a WW comic in some years. Well done, DC!

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June 27, 2010

Superman Primer

10 things you may not know about Superman, courtesy of Newsarama.

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December 15, 2009

The Worst of the 90's Comic Scene

Topless Robot's latest list is about something I remember... well, not as fondly as I used to, with my grown-up eyes and frame of mind:
The 10 Worst '90s Comic Character Revamps


November 9, 2009


I finally got around to finishing the Batman: The Animated Series run this past wknd! I got the entire run some months... OK, got it at the end of 2007, and have been slowly working my way through it. Slowly because I thought it was best enjoyed over time, and not to blow all of the delight at once.

I've seen most of the eps and movies before, but there were a few that eluded me, the ones during the New Batman Adventures run (the last season, during Superman: TAS), plus the final movie, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. That Batwoman movie was the last plum. (And it was a very good watch! I almost solved the mystery myself.)

It was a real treat to watch them again. Most I remember clear as day. A few took a minute or two to recall. Some of the directors' commentaries were good. I learned a bit about animation and the behind-the-scenes mechanics. Some commentaries were pretty half-hearted, like Mssrs. Timm et al. didn't really care about doing this. Some of the DVD features were good, too. Also, I took a fair few screenshots, so I have B:TAS wallpapers for lappy for a while now.

Good watchin', I tell ya. But, that's only Batman. There's still Superman, Batman Beyond, the Justice Leagues, and the thwack of movies to get. Can't wait!


September 26, 2009

Which Marvel Superhero am I?

Iron Fist!

Find out Which Marvel Superhero Are You at LiquidGeneration.com!

I can handle that!


September 11, 2009

Insights (from Someone Else) on Batman & the Joker

And for my 301st babble...!

Two good lists from the good (and bored) people at Topless Robot:

10 Mental Illnesses Batman Clearly Has

The Joker's 10 Craziest Kills


August 31, 2009

Mousey Buys Spidey

Disney buys Marvel Comics

(Can the Incredible Goof be far behind?)

This thing's generating huge buzz! It's caught several journalists' and newspublishers' eyes (rightfully), and is the talk of Newsarama.

Not sure how this will unfold, or if it's good or not. (Well, I won't babble about it here and now.) I'll say this: it's absolutely staggering to see how Marvel's turned around in a little more than a decade. Marvel was once valued at a relatively meager $23 million, when Revlon Ron bought Marvel in the 90s. Now, Disney acquires the House of Ideas for $4 BILLION ($4,000,000,000)!!! Good work, Joe Q and co.!


August 24, 2009


Listening to The LAW from last night, and The Mouth remarked that wrestling is like comic books brought to life.

  1. There are pretty defined good guys and bad guys.
  2. There are well defined women.
  3. There are some inhuman fights.
  4. There are very colourful costumes and characters.

Sure, no one flies or throws Batarangs or enacts the Omega Sanction, but there are people getting ignited, people bleeding profusely, and tables and ladders and chairs, used liberally.

Better still, like many a comic characters, some names and images of wrestling permeate culture and time. Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold", the Undertaker, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and André the Giant are well known like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.

Maybe that's another reason I like comics and wrestling...

Just some food for thought.


August 20, 2009

20 Years and 1,400+ Books and Counting

Today marked the 20th anniversary of my comic collection! I can't be there to reread the first one, but I did get DC's Wednesday Comics #7.

One score and 1,400+ books and counting... Nice one!


May 1, 2009

Which "Dark Knight" Character am I?

Well, DUH!:

Find out Which Batman Character Are You at LiquidGeneration.com!

Not diggin' that last dig at Robin, as Robin's become a decent character. And he's not bi. And I'll wager dollars-to-doughnuts he'd kick your can anyday, having been trained by some of the world's finest, including the World's Finest. (I'll take one of those Star Sapphires, though.)


November 24, 2008

DCCC 2008

The Dublin City Comic Con was this past wknd, and it was... meh. (It wasn't worth of a "Dark Knight" label. That's how "meh" it was.) But after last year's fine show, where was there to go?

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August 13, 2008

Can't Comic Characters Stay Dead?

What is the population of Earth in the DC Universe now? 9 billion?!

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November 21, 2007

The Batmen of All Nations and the DCCC

There was a comic con in Dublin on the wknd., the Dublin City Comic Con, and it's been a very long time since I've been to one. Better still, it was just down the road from me, about a 30min walk. I absolutely HAD TO GO!

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July 22, 2006

Superman Returns

NB: Spoilers ahead

Superman, the Christopher Reeve film, debuted in 1978. That's when I was born. That's a long time. It was a good film, so good they had a sequel to follow. That was good enough to warrant two more, that, from what I remember, should be forgotten. Superman Returns supposedly picks up after Superman II, so, from a continuity standpoint, that's about 25 years in between films. The long wait, coupled with a rise in interest in Superman, and the popularity and success of comic based films, pretty much meant DC and WB had to put a Superman film on screen.

It was good, but not great.

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July 18, 2005

A Dark Knight over the SDCC

Days covered: July 13 - 18

I'm on my way to the San Diego Comic con. If that's not thrilling enough, I met a wrestler on the bus to San Diego. How's that for a great start? :)

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