August 4, 2010

Slán agus Beannacht Leat, Éire

That's Gaelic, for "Goodbye and Blessings Be with You, Ireland". But, as I told Irish elite at Ulster, no "good-bye"s, just "until next time."

The last day and a half were manic, as manic as I expected them to be. Certain things could only be done now and not sooner, like closing utilies, packing, and telling the doctor's office to send my file home. A few items I left 'til the last b/c... no reason, like using that All4One voucher, and visiting the bank ppl, one more time. There were a few other items on the list, and the point is that the last day and a half were uber-busy.

The mania was for the best, I believe. It kept me from getting caught up in this momentous occasion, leaving my home for the last four years and six weeks. Of course, such sentiments rose to the surface and overcame me from time to time.

Mary, Eoin, and the lovely Suzanne were out with me in the village on Sunday. Great time there, hittin' the local pubs one more time. One more blast in Blackrock with close associates: great way to spend an evening! Good thing we ended late enough that fatigue choked any emotion out. Mary did stop by on Monday briefly. Suzanne spent the day on Monday with me. Eoin came by late on Tuesday to collect a few things Mary wanted. So, while not right away, but in stages, the emotions surfaced.

I stopped by the bank one more time, to see anyone I haven't seen lately and to pass on best wishes, talking with almost everyone I wanted/needed to. Everyone I needed to was addressed in my parting e-mail, however, so (as I mentioned in said mail) "with luck and effort, our paths will cross again!"

While yesterday I was running around town a lot, today had me in Blackrock, and I used the great, sunny day to take final, parting pictures of my village.

As I piled on the backpack and carried the lappy, I saw John on my way out, and thanked him for keeping such a wonderful house. That gaff I was in for the last 13 months was the best place I've lived in ever, and it was tough to leave. He said he probably won't travel across the Atlantic, but if I'm ever back, to look him up, which I have no problem doing. And with that, I started one last walk from my house, and through the village.

I caught the 11:20 airport shuttle to the airport, and couldn't help but bite my tongue a bit... OK, a lot to keep myself in check.

My last UB manager, Donal, txtd me earlier today, only adding to the momentous occasion.

I couldn't help but think of everything about my time here right now. And all along, I was biting my tongue and holding it all together.

As I've been saying, it's hard to leave. So very hard to leave.

The mania continued at the airport. Even there, I was scrambling to get to the gate. The airport was buzzin', on a Tuesday aft on no significant day, which was odd, but whatev'. I was scrambling to get the backpack down to acceptable weight (I did), and was madly txting, ringing, and downloading games there. James and Maj came back yesterday, so I had to talk to him, even briefly.

I caught a momentary break from the action when I slept on the plane. But that was just for a short jaunt of time.

Mania resumes: I was rushing to make the next 100X bus from EDI to the city.

Then, I had to somehow gracefully move through the crowded bus to get off with this titano backpack and lappy in hand.

Still, I missed the drop-off from the bus for Adrian's place, which meant I had a 1km trek to his place from Haymarket station. No harm. Whatever keeps me moving and occupied mentally.

Finally, now, I'm at rest. The A-train, my Edinburgh friend who has housed me the last two years I was in Edinburgh in August, is not around this wknd, but has ultra-kindly let me have at his gaff while he and his gf are away. Kinda good, too, b/c I'm not in a social mood and just wanna relax in silence and peace. I'm about to get some food, and I'll be chillin' for the night.

See, while I may not be done yet, I have one last matter to attend to. I stayed this long in Ireland for this. I could've went home after James' wedding, but then I thought I couldn't miss this. It's become a ritual since 2007...

The next six days are devoted entirely to the great Edinburgh Fringe Festival! I'll be here for more days than in the past, and plan to make the most of my time here -- I've dog-eared the program and found all sorts of shows I want to see. I won't be going it alone. One of the Dub mates is up here, and we'll have a merry time, no doubt!

And because I'm not done with this stretch in Europe yet, I'll leave the psycho-babble-retrospecticus for another day.

One more blast in Edinburgh. Let's go out in style!

Posted by tyler at August 4, 2010 4:48 PM