August 2, 2010

One More Blast in Blackrock

Mary, Eoin, and Suzanne were kind enough to join me this weekend for one more blast in Blackrock.

Mary's been a good friend since the beginning, when she moved here into that house on Barclay Court three years ago. Her bf, Eoin (pronounced "Owen" -- it's the Gaelic spelling) is a good laugh. They're some of the best folks I've met here, and was delighted to have one more night out with them. Having the lovely Suzanne along just made life better.

We hit a few of the local faves: Jack O'Rourke's (great food!); the Breffni (which was bereft of the crazy old men I promised Suzanne); Conway's (how much longer will it be open?); and the Wicked Wolf (which supplied the crazy old men missing from the Breffni). Great night out, which made for a sluggish morning.

Suzanne just left, and I've got a bit of time before Mary comes by to check on me.

It is going to be so very hard to leave.

Posted by tyler at August 2, 2010 6:52 PM