July 12, 2010

The Dark Knight Strikes Cork Again: The Epic Wedding

I had one final official act in Ireland before shuffling off. One of the lads from work, James, finally got hitched to his longtime gf, Maj (pronounced "My" -- it's Danish).

We expected an epic wedding, in a similar vein to Lisbon. And boy howdy, we got it!

The day outside was pretty bad. So far, the weather in Ireland was great, but now, it's kinda wet with heavy rains. But, it is Oxegen weekend, which is notoriously wet. It means that, at worst, the wedding pix will happen indoors.

Nice service. The priest was pretty funny, the ceremony was typical, and the choir was good, but personally, I thought they could've done with a bit less singing. And they used modern instruments in their singing. I'm used to either a choir and organ, or a choir alone. I heard bagpipes once, but that's really it. It was different. Good. Long.

Best of all, James was James:

  1. "Do you, James, take Maj to be your lawfully wedded wife"? "Yip."
  2. He put the ring on the correct finger, but on the wrong hand.

The champagne reception was good. The bubblies weren't too bad, either. Food was flowing well. (Expected as much from James. He has an even bigger appetite than I.) Good thing, as a few of us were starved. (To the point where we wolfed down a sausage roll each in the car before going into the church.) It was good to talk to a lot of these people again, the old Ulster colleagues and the Cork lads.

The reception started, and right off the bat was the groom's speech. Good speech, but it sounded like James had some help writing the whole thing. All good speeches from all necessary parties. Of note were three items: James' dad's heavy Cork accent, which I wouldn't've understood if I wasn't so used to it(!); the Danish (or attempt at Danish) delivered by James and his dad to Maj's family; and being recognised in Mr. Linehan's (I think) speech, as people who travelled far to come here, "all the way from Canada". (All the way from county Dub, actually, but I'll take it!)

Dinner was great! No complaints there. Food was plentiful, and delish! (See above note on food in the champagne reception.)

The wedding cake was actually one part a buncha cupcakes, and one part a solid chocolate mass. Great cake, though the choc mass was a bit much.

The night got off to its rockin' start when the two had their first dance, and then, all bets were off. The band was really good, ably playing a variety of music w/out missing a beat. I also got my dancing feet on, as I'm wont in such instances. (Danced my heart out, too: I was sweating bullets, and my shirt showed it.) We were off to the residence bar when the dancefloor closed, and kept the craic going there until it closed, roond and aboot 04:00. Thanks to Maj's friend, Suzanne, I got to sleep around 06:30 <wink>

I was invited to stick around on Sunday for what the Irish call "The Afters". The wedding has been pretty typical so far -- I guess all Catholic 'dings are the same, regardless of culture -- but the day after the wedding is usually reserved for a day-long party, called "The Afters". ("After" the 'ding.) James said it'd be the time he lets loose.


When you compress two days of partying into one night, something was going to give. The afters never really happened, as I and many others didn't sleep much that night/that morning. I finished around 06:30, and the lot of the Cork lads finished between 08:00 and 09:00! They were going hard for a while in the best man's room, with a few bottles of champagne. At least I made it down for breakfast.

I was also in the sauna, on the advice of one of the Dublin boys. It was a good call, as I sweat out some of the evil. It helped a bit. I went with Maj (the new Mrs. Linehan!) to James' parents place to drop off some flowers and get some clothes and stuff for them. That also helped prop me up as I was moving around, instead of sitting on my can fighting off sleep.

But such energy had to fade. I wasn't 100% yet by the time the hurling started (and had a BS finish), and it just got worse. I was nodding off during the World Cup final, and couldn't wait for that to be over. It was during the WC final that a buncha the lads finally showed up, after sleeping off the night's excess Sunday day.

So, the afters were pretty disappointing, but really, it's the sign of an epic party the night before.

It was good (and necessary) to see the Cork lads one more time. They're heaps fun, and maybe we'll do it again in Canada (or wherever I am (Ireland?!?!)) again.

I left this morning, after staying in James and Maj's honeymoon suite. It was a nearly teary-eyed departure. James is one of the better folks around here, and Maj's first rate, a great girl. They're a good couple. I had to stick around for this, and I wasn't disappointed. No one was. Good times!

They're keepers. Godspeed, you two!

This is why it's going to be hard to leave.

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